An AI Platform for Research

Artificial intelligence (AI) tends to decouple expertise from human knowledge.

Ferret is an AI platform that credits and compensates the people who power it.

Contributors are incentivized in line with the high value of their expertise.

Expert Guide

It's easy to contribute your expertise.

Clients request confidential input from vetted experts.

Contributors answer voice prompts and surveys through Ferret.

Experts are paid based on how clients will use responses.



Avoid disrupting your schedule for conventional expert interviews

Leverage Your


Contribute to a built-in database to help clients find you and your work



Collaborate with clients, content creators, writers, and researchers

Shape Industry and Public Discourse

Ferret's early adopters range from corporate clients conducting innovation research to authors working on their next book. They collaborate with world-class experts.

Venture Capital Investment Strategy

A doctoral student in information science helped a VC firm understand how they can empower communities through their investments.

Sustainable Innovation

An anthropologist and sustainable lifestyle expert helped a leading consumer goods company understand how environmental concerns change consumer culture.

Technology and Wellbeing

An expert in the area of tech ethics helped a leading consumer technology company understand how they can address users' wellness needs more thoughtfully.

Expert Interviews

Ferret can recruit for as well as conduct conventional (i.e. synchronous) expert interviews as needed for current clients and experts at their request.

Culture Capitalist

See how Ferret accelerates and improves content creation and writing through our newsletter exploring the intersection of culture and capitalism.